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Optimizing Content

A core aspect of optimizing your application in a play store is to determine the keywords and phrases people are using. With our extensive data and decades of experience in play store keyword research services, we are able to optimize applications to rank among the top results in any app store.

By optimizing your application, we create an influx of traffic on your page which translates into increased downloads and growth of the application.

Understanding ASO – Core Aspects
of App Store Optimization

Our team of experts has spent decades streamlining the art of play store app optimization.

Here are some of the core aspects we take into consideration during an ASO project.

Publisher’s Name

It is important to give identity to your application by showcasing the publisher to the users. This may not play a crucial role in the beginning but, down the road, the publisher can make a positive image among the targeted audience. It will also help users distinguish your app from other similar ones.

Since your audience will begin using the publisher’s name in their search query, our app store optimization services ensure that it is optimized from day one. By doing this, we enable your audience to conduct a play store keyword search using their preferred keyword – all potential searches are optimized beforehand by our expert SEO team to boost your app’s ranking.


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