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Mobile App Strategy Consulting

Developing applications for your enterprise takes a lot of research. We do that for you to help you analyze the tools and features your application should possess. Once we know what your target audience is looking for, our dedicated team of developers becomes mobile to ensure precise executions. Here is what we bear in mind while developing your distinguished mobile consulting solutions:

  • Meets the business’ logic
  • Quick turnaround time
  • User-friendliness
  • Unique & contemporary mobile app technology

Actionable Insights

360appservices is an enterprise mobile app consulting firm that ventures into the development of an application once there are actionable insights available ensuring high ROIs for the client. We identify target markets, conduct an in-depth competitor analysis, and then develop a tailored application of each and every one of our clientele. Here is what we ensure while acquiring actionable insights:

  • Untapped areas
  • Seamless Integration of desired features
  • Potential expansion of customer-base
  • Contemporary & future-oriented executions

Concept Validation

It is of utmost importance that the idea that you bring to the table is practical, and will stay valid for the years to come. It is why we at 360appservices work on it. Our prime area of focus is to use our expert mobile app consultancy to expand the potential of your native idea.


Prioritizing Tabs

Applications need versatile features that users can benefit from. A tab that does not offer value will only hinder in the seamless performance of the app. It is why our expert mobile app consultancy team jots down a list of features based on their priority before entering the phase of development. Our team of professionals then reviews the final list prior to execution. Here is what we ensure during this process.

  • Maneuverability
  • Space for potential features and updates
  • Seamless performance
  • Accessibility within the app

Examining the App

Once the application is designed, it goes into the testing phase. The beta application allows us to monitor the glitches in the application and fix them. Our team further enhances certain areas within the application to make the entire experience even smoother for the end user.


Devising a Workable Content Strategy

You need to offer some utility for the end user to use your application. This is a crucial element that we as an app consulting company guide you through. We can help you with that. 360appservices devises a perfect content strategy to add value to your application. This increase the utility of your application thereby ensuring a higher influx of traffic. Here is what our team focuses on while creating your content strategy.

  • Targets the right market
  • Clear and crisp content
  • Provides value
  • Encourages more users to join

Data Opportunity

An application requires a strategized approach for data opportunity. Being well-vetted mobile consulting services for app development, we assure that your application makes the most of the growing digital arena. We dedicate a team of our honed professionals who are tasked to strategize your approach and create data-focused solutions.

Enterprise Mobile App Consulting Process


01 We understand your business and its vision


02 Find the demographic and geographic to tap


03 Weigh platforms to market the app


04 List down probable executable solutions


05 Opt for the right solutions for the client

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