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Why Your Business Should Have a Mobile Application? Ultimate Guide
12th Sep 2022

BY: Emma Walton

Why Your Business Should Have a Mobile Application? Ultimate Guide

The digital world and modern social media force businesses and entrepreneurs to adapt, especially for marketing their services and products on multiple channels. The two primary app providers, Google Play and Apple Store offer almost 5.5 million apps – great for every possible need. Mobile app design and development services are flourishing more than ever. 

Therefore, many entrepreneurs ask a crucial question. Does my business need a mobile app? In turn, the next question is if you should look into hiring a mobile app development company for this purpose.

In a world where most people spend considerable time every day on their phones, mobile apps have become one of the best ways to increase your brand exposure. A suitable business app directly connects to your target audience by engaging them with the business products and services.

Research estimates that consumers spend up to five hours each day on their phones, and over 90% of that time is spent on mobile applications. So, the temptation for even small companies to develop a mobile app seems entirely understandable. 

Of course, developing an app isn’t easy, so most businesses hire a mobile app development agency to help them with the development. Mobile app design and development services are widely available, and the investment is often worth it. Here are some ways to decide if you require mobile app design and development services for your corporate needs:

Mobile App Design And Development

Key Questions to Find Mobile App Development Need

There are some basic questions that you can ask yourself about your mobile app development needs. Try to answer them honestly and you will have the right answer in front of you. Let’s start looking into some of the key mobile app development requirement queries:

1. Does My Competition Have a Mobile App?

Understanding what your competition is doing in business is essential for success. So, find out if your competitors are seriously into mobile apps. This will mean that you must indulge in app design and development, too, if your industry demands it. Also, make sure that your website and mobile app offer the customers something more than the competition. 

Some important app metrics include the number of downloads and user feedback. Study these values of your competitors and you will learn more about your specific app development needs. Has your strongest competitor already hired the top mobile application design company to develop a successful application that would give them a decisive advantage?

Of course, you can also be a pioneer if competing companies do not yet offer a mobile app. This way, you would be the first in the market and can use the first-mover’s advantage. The customers will view you as a market leader. To find out whether this step is worthwhile, the next point is particularly important:

2. What is the USP of Your Mobile App?

Always find out the unique selling point of your mobile app. This will help you have a clear idea about the benefits it has on offer for your targeted audience. Ask your customers what they would like to see in a mobile app through polls and surveys. There may be a lot that hasn’t even crossed your mind yet!

Ask yourself: How well do you solve the target group’s problem? How satisfied are the users? Do you have any ideas about what you could do better? Are the functions that you think are important missing? Are they applying modern standards of mobile app design and development services?

3. Can Your App Help You with Sales Growth?

A well-designed mobile app is excellent for increasing your firm’s current sales. It can help the customers make suitable buying decisions by providing product information and offering excellent discounts. Mobile apps can also use push notifications to raise awareness among users and help them benefit from a suitable buying opportunity. Tools like geolocation are great when you want to target local consumers who can easily visit your store. In addition, sales growth can also occur when customers share their app experience and post reviews online.

4. Is a Mobile App a Convenient Marketing Tool for Your Business Needs?

Good mobile app development companies can develop well-crafted apps for entrepreneurs and businesses. In turn, these tools can offer marketing benefits by increasing outreach and offering business connections to the younger audience. As a result, your business enjoys better visibility in the market.

In addition, launching a mobile app itself is a great marketing strategy. It helps your share news about your products or learns new insights into the benefits that your business offers. This way, you can further enhance your brand by using the information gained through user insights. With push messages, you get a direct line to your target group and are, therefore, much more effective than with other campaigns.

Mobile apps offer direct user feedback, incredibly valuable for consumer-centered businesses. For example, you can conduct polls, allow users to report bugs, or ask them directly what new features they would like to see.

5. Would you like to optimize your business processes?

You can hire a top mobile app development company to create a suitable tool for you if your business does not have the required design and development resources. As a result, significant cost savings have become possible that ultimately improve business performance. An app offers an intuitive and fast way to enter orders digitally and ensures increased customer satisfaction. 

In most cases, you will likely see through this questionnaire that it would make sense to consider implementing a mobile app for your business. In the future, it will become even more necessary to adapt to the market and the growing number of competitors in almost every line of business. 

Consider that most of your customers spend up to five hours a day on their phones. Hence, it would be almost unreasonable to let the enormous potential of a mobile application go unused for your business.

How to Hire a Mobile App Development Company

Even large enterprises usually don’t flood the market with mobile applications. Hence, giants like Amazon or McDonald’s usually develop and deploy only a limited number of apps. But in most cases, companies don’t hire their developers but outsource the development of their mobile apps to a mobile app development agency or a mobile app design and development service provider. 

Suppose you have found out for yourself that developing a mobile app would be the right step for you before hiring a mobile app development company. In that case, you should evaluate the following questions yourself:

Hire a Mobile App Development Company

App Requirements 

Write down all your mobile app development requirements. For example, what are the functions of the app, are external services required, are there interfaces, or has a rough design already been decided? Try to record the requirements as well as possible. It will help a mobile app development agency in designing the most suitable app for your professional needs.

App Platform

In most cases, this question may appear redundant, as you should target all possible avenues. Still, it should be addressed because a mobile app development company often asks it if you hire them. Experience clearly shows that apps should always be programmed for both iOS and Android platforms. Shutting out a platform will cost you, valuable users.

App Budget 

The budget often determines the scope and technology of the app. If you have an app programmed, the costs for the mobile app development agency are often not transparent. As an agency, we offer fixed prices and develop cross-platforms with the latest technologies. It keeps the effort lower than developing native applications, i.e., Android apps or iOS ones. It is also possible to prepare hybrid apps that work well on all platforms and save money.


So, Does My Company Really Need a Mobile App?

Mobile apps bring many benefits to almost any business. Almost everybody spends a lot of their time on the phone today. Therefore, customers will always decide on the product and service most convenient for them. In addition, the app must offer them a specific solution to a particular problem.

The main thing to remember is that each app has to solve specific problems and contribute to a firm’s development. With this in mind, it is necessary to plan the work, compile a list of necessary features for a future app, and apply the services of a professional mobile app design and development agency. 

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